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brain, n. soft, soggy, vaporous, cloud located in upper cranium between ears.

fog, n. soft, soggy, vaporous, cloud located everywhere else.

brainfogged, adj. when one is so completely foggy of heeed that they make sense to none but their own kind.

brainfogland, n. international cyber residence of Brainfoggers and their Carers. Home to ME/CFS support, larfs, friendships, pringles and *fluff*

Brainfog is an online and offline community of people
with ME/CFS from all walks of life and from all
different parts of the globe .....

.....which makes us a pretty special & magical group

Brainfog was created to serve as kind of online coffee house for people to hang out at while they are going through a relapse or similarly getting their life back together but still needing support from thier own kind. 

With over 1700 members worldwide, the Forum & Chatroom are full to the brim of support, cyber shoulders to cry on, many many laughs & new friends
(membership figure compiled from original BF forum, current BF forum and BF chatroom)

While Brainfog is still very much serving its original purpose it has since
grown at a rapid pace over the last four years and now offers other
just as funky services! (all freee)

  • Brainfog Gatherings
    Hang out with your Brainfog friends on specially organised weekends for Brainfoggers.
  • Brainfog E-cards
    Send your friends and family Brainfog E-cards and raise awareness for M.E./CFS and this site while you are doing it!
  • The Brainfog eGrapevine
    Keep up to date with all the very latest Brainfog escapades by subscribing to the Brainfog eGrapevine

It's 100% free to join Fogland ....
and once you do, we guarantee instant Foggy satisfaction

Brainfog is a 'not for profit' International online community run by
Allymoose and her flufftastic Fellowship of the Fog!


Brainfog is funded soley by donations and Foggers fundraising escapades ...
*BIIIG UPS the Foggers!*  lovin' yer work

If you would like to donate or alternatively organise a fundraising event for Brainfog ... e-mail me, Ally on ally @ brainfog dot org for more info.

Don't forget that you can also raise wonga for Brainfog while you are shopping online ... and it doesn't cost you anything more than you were already planning to spend! ...
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